Spring Time Cute- Ducklings

Nothing quite sums up spring like the baby animals, which of course are always much cuter and much more exciting than there adult counterparts. Even just by my local pond in Hampshire there are an abundance of baby birds, most common of the pick are baby ducklings. Distinctive with their fluffy black and yellow coats.

duckling 2

Prior to photographing these little ones I never appreciated how fast they can move for little creatures. They surged around the water in all directions.

duckling 3

duckling 4

The call and response between the bother and the little ducklings was persistent. Although the ducklings strayed quite far from their parent the always stayed in response range.


I hope you enjoyed this little fill off cute on your Tuesday afternoon.



Taking Flight

Sometimes, no matter how well planned the shot list for the day, luck plays a much larger part of photographer. Out today to capture pictures of ducklings and I happen across a Robin on my search, a well-timed push down on the button led to this unconventional picture that, although technically not perfect, I rather loved. Have you ever had great photographs you’ve taken that were completely by luck or accident?


Taking Flight Blog


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Casino De Monte Carlo

I was desperately trying to whittle down and stream-line my digital photo albums when I came across this little one. It’s different from the nature/outdoors pictures I usually take which is why I think I still like it even if its a few years old.


monte carlo blog

The famous luxury casino in Monte Carlo notable from a number of films, of course the most obvious being the bond flick Casino Royale.

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Drip, Drip, Drop Little April Shower

Okay, maybe this little drop didn’t come from an April shower on this surprisingly sunny day in Hampshire but it was still fun to further play around with some macro photography. Is it ‘artsy’ to take a photo of a water droplet or is it just ridiculousness? Probably a bit of both 😉 here’s some photographs of one anyway.


water droplet blog


Drop on leaf litter blog


D. L. Cummings

Vibrant Flowers

For my next photography session I thought I would go for something super-manly; so here are some pictures of pretty flowers. The naturally vibrant gerbera flowers made this shoot easy to come up with some nice simple results.


Up Close and Red

All the credit of this picture belongs to my little Tamron 90mm macro lens. The depth and layering in the middle of the frame looks well, especially for a structure that only measures one centimetre in diameter in the real world.


Vibrant flowers

Fresh. Vibrant. Spring.


Faded Petals

OK- not so much vibrant flower as pouting petal (Nope, it doesn’t make since to me either 😉 ) but hopefulyl equally beautiful.


Neon Flower


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Lazy Photography- Squirrel!

I was arguing with myself this morning about whether I should head out early to try and capture some nice photographs; inevitably the lazy side of me won so I slept on. So around 10am when I seen what a glorious day it was I was kicking myself for not having got out of bed earlier in the morning. However, as good fortune would have it, in the middle of this a little squirrel came bouncing around the trees outside my place. It’s not the best photograph ever in the world but its a nice little capture that I was able to shoot from my living room window. Turns out I didn’t need to make the choice between staying in and going out- sometimes shots just happen 🙂

squirrel in black and white

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Shortlist For MPB’s Winter Themed Photographic Competition

I was very excited recently when my winter themed photograph of a highland cow got shortlisted out of hundreds of entries to the final 15 of MPBs Winter Themed Photographic Competition. It didn’t make the final three but for someone who does it on an amateur level I was very happy and privileged. It’s great encouragement and it was also interesting to see all the other entries. So many great photographs out there in the world just waiting for exposure.

A Highland Cow Is A Snowy Cow DLC